The Current date in Enekjaer is: Sim-August 2011

Last Updated 20th September 2014


Not dead!! Update time!! 20/09/2014

Hi everyone!! So it has been a very very busy month!! I moved house at the end of July and I have a lot of stuff so that was a long, hands-on process! We also adopted a wonderful dog called Sandy (a wonderful co-incidence <3) from Dog’s Trust as we moved! We then adopted Mickey, another rescue dog after bumping into the rehoming place at a can collection! So we’ve had a very very busy two months :) I won’t lie, The Sims 4 was also a distraction and I did consider moving my sims over on to that game but let’s just say I won’t be playing The Sims 4 for a long time and leave it at that!

I come bearing an update too of course!! My poor sims have been stuck in August for months so this is what they have been up to!!

The Last Month of Summer (Sim August 2011)

As you can also see, the site has had a little makeover!! I felt like it was time for a change :) I hope that you like it and enjoy the update <3

FINALLY AN UPDATE!! 20th July 2014

You guys I am so so sorry that this has taken so long!! I haven’t abandoned my game but a lot has been happening that has made my attention span useless for anything other than basic legacy play. We’re moving house and the woman selling the house is maybe a fraudulent idiot with no idea how to look after her own money and my dad fell ill so playing hasn’t been happening much. Buuut I managed to play a little!

I don’t really think this is a full update but here is Sim July:

July is Upon Us! (SJuly11)(Created 20/07/2014)

The Summer Camp-Out (SJuly11)(Created 20/07/2014)

We have some new arrivals and some of the inhabitants have some big changes…oh and the teens went camping for the night with poor Mr Ahmad!

I hope that you enjoy it and again, I love reading your comments so please leave a little message if you enjoyed it :)

28th May – Sim June 11 Update!

Well it has been a busy month but I was determined to get this out before actual June so that I could start working on July! There are a few new sim profiles up (The Wills family and Farhan) and I bring you two stories…well one and a half maybe!

The Usual Monthly Update:

Surprises and Arrivals (SJune11)

As well as a little extra story with one of the new residents:

A Day With Farhan (SJune11)

I hope that you enjoy the update and as always, I love hearing what you think so feel free to comment on anything you like :)

20th March 2014 New Story!!

Well what a busy month it has been! I’m so sorry that this place has been neglected! I’ve changed computers in preparation for The Sims 4 (but don’t worry, I’ll still be happily playing TS3!) and I’ve been playing a legacy save for a brief while as well as Banished!

But I’m back and I bring the March…well Sim April update!!

April is a Time for Changes!

I’m going to be in and out the site, updating bios and creating bios etc so don’t be surprised if things change in the next few days! If you like anything, feel free to comment :) I like to know what you all think!

Best wishes, Alexandra!

Sim March Updates! 04/02/2014

So time is flying quickly in Enekjaer and in the real world! March has been an exciting month (and surprisingly warm) for some of the sims and a life changing one for others! I won’t give a way too much so here’s the story:

The March Heatwave (SMarch11)

I’ve also updated some of the sims on the sims page. Edyta has a page as does the lovely Dr. Grayson!

I hope that you enjoy the update and that your own year has been good so far <3

Huuuuge story update…and some other things! 17/01/2014


So there’s a lot of story coming your way this time!! The teens from Sandy Valley came to visit and got up to all sorts of fun with Andromeda, Arun, Lloyd and Elliott while the other inhabitants of the island kept themselves busy as well!

I’ve also updated some of the sim pages, making sure that the pictures are up to date and in some cases, that the page actually exists!

I had so much fun with the Sandy Valley teens and would welcome them back at any time. I hope that you enjoy it too <3

Read the story here!